About Our Vineyards

Winemakers and growers say it with conviction: it's impossible to make a great wine without great grapes. Coterie Cellars is fortunate to produce wines from some of the finest vineyards in California. Our vineyards are situated in the renowned American Viticulture Areas of the Russian River Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Fiddletown. We produce only vineyard designate wines, that is, wines named after the vineyard and containing grapes only from that vineyard. Wines from single vineyards are the most distinctive and restricted in the country.

The Viticulture

Achieving the most developed and complex fruit for our wines requires a balance of craftsmanship in the vineyard and respect for nature. Most work in the vineyard is carried out painstakingly by hand, vine by vine. This includes strategic pruning to balance vine structure, positioning shoots individually on the trellis system, managing the canopy and nearly eliminating water throughout the summer, selecting and thinning fruit to focus flavors, and harvesting clusters by hand once we taste and observe the characteristics we are looking for. Each of our growers practices sustainable viticulture, minimizing or eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides, and relying primarily on natural biological factors to keep the vineyard balanced.

Coterie Vineyards

Coterie Cellars produces wines from just a handful of small vineyards that are near our winery. Keeping to a small number of vineyards lets us spend the time we need with each to understand and appreciate its finest attributes. By working with vineyards that are no further than an hour or two from our winery, we can pick at first light in the cold of the early morning and tend to the fruit immediately after we harvest.